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Because that would’ve made

this conversation real

SO seal

it with 1,500 postage stamps.

who cares?

who cares?

Starving love.


nothing  more to request


Thought I could ask

for your input

no suit

just the boot.

Feeling trapped in stupidity,

fuck every heart build up

I give myself

When I need something that’s

not appearing possible



IN A world

    I think about this full moon tonight and i wonder for the life of me why it shines so bright…could it be? Life has mad a raise on me, bring something to court, of higher sorts could i feel stardom, pardon? A question i feel most drastically and fantastically im swooned by the moon.

i think about destiny and shit, can someone be sick of it? the thoughts that run through my head cannot be read...and so as i think ill make another a drink, life don't stink if you don't blink too fast i guess.
---Old email to self


What is it about music that fascinates me so much?

Is it the way it sounds?

The way people sing over it?

What the people are singing about?

Their emotional intent and successful deliverance?

Or maybe it is the wonderful message that is created from a spiritual place and is created under strong emotional containment?

very cold today.